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Are you looking for employees for your company?

You have new jobs, but you do not have enough labour force?

Do you need a subcontractor who will take full responsibility for the project?

International Work Group is the ideal partner for YOUR business!

        As a company, we are characterized by fifteen years of experience in the recruitment process, mainly on the European labour market. Our branches are located throughout Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Germany. We also work with certified employment agencies from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
Bringing employees from Asia, we engage at every stage of recruitment, ensuring that incoming people have appropriate qualifications, experience (often acquired in Dubai or Qatar) and all documents necessary for legal stay and work in the European Union. These activities are approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Embassy of Nepal.

We have a certificate issued by the Opole Province Marshal on the entry in the employment agency register.

Our offer:

  • A database of employees with current medical examinations and health and safety training, dressed in appropriate work clothes and, above all, motivated to undertake work.
  • Organization of transport and accommodation for employees in Poland and abroad, including the care of the coordinator who is available for the duration of the cooperation.

We approach every person with great passion and commitment, we will do everything to make your company grow.

                           International Work Group is a trusted Partner!

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